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Material Control
Sampling inspection is performed towards each batch of material,using ARL spectrum analyzer.

Machining Quality Control
Self-check in machining process includes 1st article inspection and in-process inspetion(record the data of product every hour).
?Quality inspector performs several time?stour inspection and record the result as well.

In-coming Materials Inspection
All components made in-house or outsourced are inspected before coming into components warehouse.

Assembly Line Quality Control
The first batch of selected products are assembled and inspected by assembly worker and record is available.
Tour inspector performs several times check at the assembly line and record the data.
?Worker performs visual check at the appearance of products.

Leakage Testing
All casting parts and assembly products are under 100% leakage test.

Final Inspection before Delivery
Inspector performs sampling check from the packaged products, and qualified products are allowed for delivery from finished products warehouse.